Tuesday, May 01, 2007

RIMS - New Orleans Day 3 (recap)

JO called at 8am, from ORD. He had been drinking. I went to the exhibit hall at the convention center, talked to some vendors, got a shoe shine and a massage. Headed back to have lunch with JO, didn't eat, just had a beer in a hotel with a rotating bar (not like a skyline view rotating restaurant, which is tacky, just a bar that rotates around the room, like a courasel). After that headed over to a session that I thought would be very interesting. It was packed. It was standing room only, and I had registered months prior for it. It was a 3 hours session. I left after 45 minutes, couldn't focus, couldn't write, ugh.

Decided I'd go to the Casino. I watched JO play Roullette, and then I hit the Craps tables. Outlay: $40, Return: $0. Outlay $20 additional, Return: $366, Total Profit -- $306 in 2 hours. If I had lost it all, I would have been happy because I had a lot of fun. JO made about $600 on Roullette. I made him buy a nice pair of sunglasses -- it was the most money he had ever spent on something like that $200. Hmmmmm.

Drinks continued. Met with one of our Private Investigators. Very conservative, right wing person. They seem to go wild on Bourbon Street, don't they? Then went along Bourbon Street just with JO, had a slice of gross pizza, and a nasty hotdog from a street vendor...why am I not dead? BAD and JED decided to stay in and not go to the Kenny Loggins Concert -- JO and I went to dinner at the W Hotel. Sub Par Service, Sub Par Food, Sub Par Everything. JO was about ready to pass out. Got him back to his hotel, and I returned home around 2115 and worked a bit. Had to get up at 0615 to get ready and go see Al Gore. The rest of my group didn't get up in time -- they all slept in.