Monday, November 26, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again...

So after many months, I'm blogging here again. I decided to start this up again because some of the thing I want to write about have absolutely no relation to my other blog. "Keep 'em separated".

This has been an amazingly fertile time for some of my friends. J&PMC had a baby girl a couple weeks ago. J&AL had three baby girls last week. K&JMC had a baby boy two nights ago. N&SB had a baby girl in August (not really in the same time frame, but still...) All mothers, babies and fathers are doing well. I will not be babysitting, so don't worry.

The most exciting things happening in my life -- I'm in Oregon until 12/29/2007. Working from the "McMinnville Office", also known as my parents couch.
Just about 10 days ago I upgraded my mobile. I got a Blackberry Pearl. I LOVE IT. It's the best little phone ever. I can't believe I lived without a smart phone, I will never go back again. I use it non stop now -- If you can upgrade to it -- do it now. It is just fab.