Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Economic Upheaval

I started writing about how much I love economics -- econ theory, econ practice, etc. But I deleted it. The Federal Reserve cut the federal funds rate by 75 basis points, down to 3.5% -- how amazing! I love econ conversations, not just a lecture. So the spring is starting to heat up. I've got three trips planned (LAX, MIA, and SAN). I've got two friends coming to town in March. JDE is coming for the gala -- always a fantastic weekend. Lots of food, some good booze, a cooking class and a late night trip to Berlin. Can't wait. The following weekend DMH is coming for a visit. He'll be here for about 3 days -- I think it is his first trip to ORD. Am starting to compile a list of things to do. My list thus far includes:

  1. Architecture Walking Tour -- MM are you around to be our docent?
  2. Dinner (Wildfire, Japonais, Capital Grille??)
  3. Jazz Club (?)
  4. Brunch before the flight (Tweet)
  5. Suggestions?

I've got plenty of time to plan this.

Tomorrow is Wednesday -- that means most of my team at work is working from home. I'm going to be so bored. I'm sure that the call center folks will come up to me and ask to go home early. Each time their true supervisors are out of the office, they try to sneak out a few hours early. I'm a dick and tell them they have to stay all day. They should know better than to ask me to leave early.

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