Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let it snow...

The weathermen say that we could wake up to 7"-12" of new snow tomorrow. That won't happen. We had a 50+ degree temperature swing a couple days ago -- it was so nice in the morning, but quite rough on the commute home.

Yesterday was our Regional Town Hall -- Chicago and the East Division. I had been preparing my presentation for several weeks. I was nervous. The conference was running late by nearly an hour -- so our presentation time was cut in half. I sped through my portion and omitted my examples and our interactive exercises. We had about 85 people or so in the room. People actually listened, took notes and asked pointed and intelligent questions. It was good to get this done and move on. I have to give this same presentation 2 more times over the next 6 weeks. I am looking forward to the travel. I work with these people and deal with them on a daily basis, but I haven't met too many of them actually in person. It was good to meet some of these folks.

Tomorrow I am going out with JM for a Wildfire dinner redux -- this time paid for by the restaurant management -- let's hope the service is not shitty this time.

We were out later than normal last night -- had a couple of glasses of wine after our presentation, then took a tour of an architecture firms office, then had more wine afterwards. It was nice to be out and about in Chicago and not come home smelling like an ashtray -- I love smoke free cities. It's about time Chicago stepped into the real world -- now if Portland will join the civilized world.

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