Friday, January 11, 2008

Let's get this started already...

I have been back in Chicago for 13 days so far. I am already getting antsy. I want to travel again. Today I booked my first trip. ORD-LAX-PDX-ORD. I have to have dinner with our West Coast Operations folks, give a quick presentation, then I'm heading up to Portland to see my family. I'll be spending about 4 days in Oregon. It feels good having future flights listed on my United Itineraries. For some reason I get a little nervous not having upcoming flights scheduled.

I got to work this morning around 9am. Before I could plug in my laptop, and get my glass of water, a member of our team came up with a frantic IT question. She can't log into the system and has no idea what is wrong. Let it be known that this woman starts working at 7am. What was she doing for the first 2 hours of her day -- it's unclear. I go into the room (basically it's a 2 person call center) to find her co-worker (a good egg) trying to log in. After about 10 minutes of woman #1 explaining the problem - "It ain't workin'", woman #2 says "It wasn't working because you were misspelling your name". Woman #1 MISSPELLED HER OWN NAME, so the system wouldn't let her in. You have got to be kidding me. This is what I deal with on a daily basis.

On Monday I have to attend a meeting with one of our vendors -- and showcase the vendors product to a major REIT Risk Management team. The woman who misspelled her own name (for two hours) was to be helping us in the demo. Had to put the kibosh on that -- god only knows what would be said, although I think it would be beyond hilarious watching this woman demonstrate a system she can't even log into.

One more story about this delightful woman.

Dateline: December 2006. Our office was inundated with holiday food stuffs (cookies, chocolates, fruit, chocolate covered pretzels, etc). This woman would just gorge herself on sweets -- her favorite: the milk chocolate covered pretzels. After a week or so of eating this crap, her feet begin to hurt -- A LOT. She goes to the doctor. After running some tests, the doctor returns and says (this is straight from the chocoholic horse's mouth) "You remember, you are diabetic, right? If you keep eating this much sugar, you will lose your foot". This crazy broad was basically eating her own foot off.

God Bless America.

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