Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Milk is About to Turn

While looking for something in my refrigerator I found that my milk was about to turn into a rotten mess. I hardly ever buy milk because I don't drink it and it spoils and it sits in the fridge getting all hard and smelly. So I decided to use my milk. How?? I decided to make homemade brownies. I pulled out my Joy of Cooking Cook Book and my relatively new KitchenAid Mixer. After gathering the ingredients I realized I needed to get some eggs -- I threw out my eggs earlier in the week because they were past their prime.
I come back home from the grocery and start mixing this stuff. I realize my baking chocolate was just an empty container -- actually containing no chocolate. I head back to the grocery store for chocolate. Once the batter (is it brownie batter? brownie dough? brownie goo? whatever) is ready, I realize that my 9" x 13" Pyrex baking dish is being held hostage in Humboldt Park by JM. I brought it to her place as my lasagna vessel -- it has remained there for bout 6 months. I fear once it is released from captivity we will have months of therapy for it to get over the Stockholm Syndrome.
So I used two round cake pans. I cook these brownies and they are, eh, ok. Hmmm. So in order to use $0.99 worth of milk, I made two trips to the grocery to buy eggs and chocolate. You know in about 5 weeks I'll realize my eggs are about to turn and I'll have to make something else so they don't go to waste. Oh well. Off to eat more OK brownies.
This is my life.

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