Saturday, January 19, 2008

This World Is Funny...and Full of Dummies.

So I'm not a fan of the "...For Dummies" books. I am not a dummy, so I don't read them. I was killing time in the bookstore in my office building and saw this------>>

Seriously? Nascar for dummies. So many things to be said, but it's just too easy. Let's just smile and move on, shall we?

It is cold here. Very cold. Wind chill temps are about -25 degrees right now (according to NBC5). I didn't do much today. Yesterday I went out with AA (JG was sick) to an Irish Pub, then off to the Peninsula Hotel for Champagne and Chocolate Cake and to watch her husband's jazz band play. It was nice and relaxing (hell, champagne and chocolate cake -- you can't go wrong with that!)

I'm working on my presentation for work tonight and tomorrow. Have my first practice presentation on Monday. I've given business presentations before -- mostly to smaller groups, maybe 10 people total. The Chicago presentation will be the largest group I have spoken in front of -- approximately 100 people. Maybe I'll actually prepare and practice this time...

Speaking of...I'm off.

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