Sunday, January 13, 2008

Upcoming Week -- What is in store....

Sometimes I love January in Chicago and sometimes I hate it. The fall is always a super busy time with parties, non-profit events, events, openings, shows, etc. Once you turn the last page of your calendar and see nothing but an empty wall behind, you realize the dead of January is here. After New Years comes and goes, my social calendar comes to a grinding halt. January is hibernation time. I usually use this month as a time of self reflection, vacation planning, exercising, reading, and just having a month of "Tim Time". It isn't hard to stay in in January. The temperature drops, the snow comes, the ice stays, the wind whips -- once you get home, you don't want to leave.

This week is queued up to be pretty low key. I've got an Risk Management Demo tomorrow. Dinner to celebrate a friends new job on Tuesday (at Wildfire-- can't wait). And finally I have dinner with the old team from NNIB on Friday. Should be a nice dinner and a couple good cocktails.

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