Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's Your Bag?

I'm stealing this idea from Bry -- Kind Of. A magazine I read frequently asks celebrities (or pseudo celebrities) what is in their car, or their bathroom, or their purse, or whatever. So as I am sitting here not wanting to do much of anything else -- I'll tell you all what's in my bag, and why. Don't worry, you needn't read this posting.

My bag is a Tumi messenger bag. I keep the standard briefcase things like pens, business cards and a notepad wiht me at all times. I also keep in my bag:

1) Chapstick
2) A ChicoBag (google it)
3) An iPod Nano (with Bose headsets when I travel)
4) iPod Charger
5) Blackberry Charger
6) Two 2 Gig Flash Drives (with some work out videos on it, and some work stuff)
7) Nikon Coolpix 6MP Digital Camera (never know when you need to snap a picture)
8) Envelope full of upcoming travel itineraries (LAX, PDX, MIA, PDX, SAN, PDX)
9) Passport (just in case I need to flee the country)
10) Sterling Silver Saint Christopher medallion (patron saint of travelers), a gift from my dad.
11) Mazagines
a) GQ
b) Outside's Go
c) Business Week
d) Business Insurance
e) Crain's Chicago Business
f) Risk Management Monthly
g) Business Continuity Quarterly
h) Travel & Leisure (I have a voracious appetite for magazines)
12) Flash cards for my current class (CPCU 520 Insurance Operations, Regulation, and Statutory Accounting)
13) Since it's winter I have gloves, a hat, and a foulard.
14) and last but not least, my laptop

Does this let you know more about me, or just show that I am bored right now - and that I have limited tastes??

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Jamie said...

I think that list shows you're due for some back trouble, that bag cannot be light....