Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Planning for a Busy Month -- Making Little Headway

This month is going to be quite busy -- and I'm very excited. I've said it 100 times before, but I feel like a shark -- I have to keep moving, or I'll die. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean. This week I have drinks at Pops tomorrow, then supper club on Saturday. Next week JDE comes to town for the CAF Gala. Our gala tradition will continue this year with fabulous dinner on Friday night, a cooking class (Crepes) at the Chopping Block on Saturday before the benefit. After the benefit we will go dancing at Berlin. Sunday we usually get up early and relive the bizarre things that happened the night before -- and review the pictures.

JDE leaves on Sunday evening. DMH arrives on Friday afternoon. It is his first trip to Chicago. I've been trying to get Bulls tickets...I can get great tickets for every other game in March, but not for the Bulls v. 76ers on the 14th. I figure we'll hang out in the neighborhood Friday night. Saturday I'll probably drag him around looking at the architecture and just enjoying the City. Unfortunately that will be St. Patrick's Day weekend -- I'm not too keen on green beer and drunken retards. Although, a trip to the big St. Patrick's Day Parade might be in order. Probably going to a nice dinner on Saturday night, then Sunday -- maybe brunch then head off to the Airport. Any other suggestions?

Then I'm off to Miami. It is 80 degrees in Miami. I cannot wait to get in the scorching heat. I promise I won't complain about the outrageously miserable heat of August if this winter just ends soon! Speaking of -- we got about 4" of snow last night. It was pretty warm - about 25 degrees today. I figure all the snow will be gone within 3 weeks. That's what I'm hoping and praying for.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Not again...

It's fucking snowing again. We might get 7 inches here in the City tonight. It won't happen, but fuck me in the goat ass, winter sucks and I've had it up to here. Kurt C. was right - Mother Nature is a Whore.

Speaking of two dollar bitches who piss me off today: I was on the bus coming home. 5pm. Michigan and Walton. My bus (#148) pulls up. about 95% full. I see an empty seat, next to a normal looking young professional woman. Usually that's a great seat -- they aren't crazy, they don't smell like urine, she wasn't even fat. Of course her big purse is taking up the extra seat (the last open seat on the bus -- and there were about 15 people standing at this point). So I politely ask this woman if I could sit. She grunts like a pig in heat and readjusts all her shit. She is reading a course study guide -- Nutrition is what this broad is studying. Based on her heavy sighs and near continuous grunts I gather she is struggling with this course. I sit down next to her. She is well over the middle of the seat (these were the two seats together facing forward). I am half cheekin' it on the ride home, but I am happy to have a seat and just want to read the latest news on my Blackberry and check the final market prices (up about 5% today). This woman is as stiff as a board -- she is edging me off the seat. I stand my ground and stiffen up myself. After about 15 minutes on the bus she grunts so loudly and says "STOP IT! I know what you are trying to do." I respond to her by saying "I'm sorry, but I feel you are pushing me off the seat." Her wonderful response "Right, I know what you want -- so just stop it!" -- What do I want, I wonder? Does she think I'm trying to make a grab at her fun bags? C'mon, even if I was, it is February, everyone is wearing thick winter coats -- if I was a perv trying to get a cheap thrill on the bus, now is not the time. I just ignore her -- she continues to grunt and push me. I continue to stand my ground. She grunts a "STOP IT" again. I ignore her. The people behind us are laughing. I was afraid she would yell "RAPE", then I end up spending the night in Cook County Jail. Two stops before I get off the bus, a large black man who is sitting in front of me turns around. Jesus Christ -- this dude is going to try to protect this broad!!! He says to me "I'm sorry to bother you, but I am happy to see that she is acting like this...." "What?" I inquire. "I was sitting there and she was pushing me off the seat too -- I thought she was racist, but now that she's doing this to you, I know she's just a bitch." WHAT?!! Yes -- this guy lays it all out there. I just smile and get up (my stop now). I tell the large gentlemen in front of me to have a great day. I hear that lovely woman say "Finally he's leaving ". I was very close to calling her a bitch myself, or perhaps dropping the C bomb -- or perhaps the K bomb...but that would have only pushed people from my side to hers.

My new plan -- to sit next to this cunt every time I see her on the bus. I'll probably have a restraining order against me within the week.

I love public transportation -- everyone is slightly crazy -- but not everyone is a raging self righteous bitch. As long as I don't get maced, I'll call it a good day.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nintendo and YouTube?

I've been back in Chicago for 7 days now but have just been to lazy to blog this past week. I've been fighting a cold too-- but that's not my excuse, I'm just too fucking lazy later. Can we say season depression much?

Anyway, my cold is over now. I went out with CMcE on Friday night (old boss). Had a nice time. She's a nut though. Yesterday I just watched the Shield and napped. I was still fighting the cold. Today I worked on a long term project (that I'm not going to comment too much on here -- as if my plans don't come to fruition, I'll just be pissed off -- I'll go into many details once it's all done).

When I was growing up I really loved my Nintendo (NES, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, N64, etc...) Today I stumbled upon something on YouTube that just made me laugh so much. It's this guy calling himself the Angry Video Game Nerd. Basically this numb nuts gets all pissy about how shitty some of these old NES games are. The games he chooses are truly bad. I haven't played the NES in about 15 years, but watching these video game reviews reminds me just how upsetting it was to spend $50 in 1988 for a game and realize it is just complete shit (Festers Quest...Castelvania 2...Milon's Secret Castle) -- perhaps this was my first experience of buyers remorse. Anyway, if you want to kill some time go check out these videos, but only if you were a Nintendo kid, otherwise you won't get it.

I'll offer updates on Los Angeles, Portland and the frigid Chicago this coming week.

--GOOD NEWS-- Spell check is working again. whew.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Psychics are like leprechauns and eskimos -- Fictitious

I've been to a psychic once in my life. She did an amazing job of reading me. Here is what she said:
  • I am far from home (I had lived in Chicago for 5 months)
  • I am far from my significant other (See above -- plus I wasn't at all vested in the relationship)
  • I have a few very close friends that know everything about me
  • I have many acquaintances
  • Once an acquaintances becomes a friend they are in my life forever

These are all accurate -- in my opinion. I was actually very surprised that this woman could get this info about me. I was excited. I had my friend JDE visit the psychic. This psychic said the exact same thing to her -- EXACT. It makes me conclude that psychics are crap.

I've had the same dream three times in 7 days. I never remember having the same dream over and over again.(ok -- I had one dream when I was a kid that scared me -- basically it was a fear of water dream, dealing with the full cast of M*A*S*H...yeah, I know....). The recurring dream I have is of me sitting in my standard seat on a 757 (seat 4B -- aisle seat two rows back from the end of first class). It is a long flight. I am reading a magazine. We are coming in for a landing. I look out the window and I see the Los Angeles skyline in the distance. We are coming in very fast. I don't hear the landing gear coming down. We seem to be accelerating. The plane lists wildly to the left. We gain a dramatic amount of altitude (seems like 2,500 feet). We slam to the ground. The sound of metal is deafening. We eventually stop rolling down the runway. I look out the window and see Mt. Hood, then the Portland skyline. I have a very odd feeling of confusion -- is this LA? Is this Portland? The person next to me is not there any more. His/Her seat is missing from the plane -- a few seats around me are missing too. I can't get up. I am trapped but I don't feel trapped. I can't get out. Everyone around me is escaping from the plane. I am trapped. I don't panic. I hear and feel the heat from what I assume is a fire behind me. I struggle to breathe -- not because of smoke, more like pressure crushing me. I wake up.

What does this mean? I'm no dream analyst. Maybe it just means I feel that my life is completely out of control right now. Maybe it means I shouldn't travel too much -- or I should fly first class....or I shouldn't take my usual seat. I am not afraid of flying, I truly love it. It is one of the things in my life now that I just enjoy without fail.


One more thing -- why in the world does the spell check not work any more on blogger? I am not going to go back over this and correct any spelling errors.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


pas·sion / [pash-uhn] –noun -- any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

Sometimes I feel my life is without passion. I'm not talking physical or sexual passion. I don't think I have anything that really stirs my blood any more. I am just going along with life. I got an email from a friend today. She was talking about her job (wine business) and how she is learning so much about wine. How she is taking tours of local wineries and expanding her knowledge. She started out loving only super sweet dessert wines, but now she is learning to enjoy so much more. Even in her email about what she is doing seemed so full of energy and excitement.

Another friend who is so super passionate about something is MM. He loves Architecture. When you get him talking about it he comes alive and can talk for hours about it.

I wonder what really gets me going? I enjoy wine and architecture but neither really get me all riled up any more. Nothing seems to get my all riled up any more. I love travel and photography but again, these things don't seem to drive my life. My writing has come to a halt too. I don't think I have written a word since November (other than blogs of course). Maybe it is just the time of year -- cold, dark, miserable. Maybe spring will be my renaissance -- my rebirth. Maybe my trip to LA on Tuesday will clear my mind and allow me to be reenergized?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

254,208 Hours or 10,592 Days - Your Choice

This weekend has just flown by. Last night I went to Driftwood with MM and GG. It was nice to see them. We celebrated by having a quiet and relaxing time drinking beers and chatting. We ordered in Mexican food from the taqueria next door. Driftwood is an odd place -- it is always pretty empty and the bar bills are extremely low. It was $26 for us to drink last night for 4 hours (granted, we weren't out going wild -- but still very inexpensive). We talked films and music and politics. Definitely a change from any conversations I've had socially in months -- a nice change.

I usually don't celebrate this day -- but it was nice to get a handful of phone calls and an email quantity of SMS and emails. Although, I do feel a little bad -- I don't really send best wishes to my friends on thier days. Oh well -- they are still my friends after all these many years.

Busy week at work -- several vendor lunches, a large number of meetings -- just a few action items.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Weekend

Friday's commute was amazingly easy -- considering we had 6 inches of snow in my neighborhood. The heat was on MAXIMUM on the super crowded bus. I was sweating like a whore in church for the 40 minute commute. I am the first stop after the bus goes express down Lakeshore Drive. I followed two small cute Asian chicks off the bus -- following in their wake through the crowd. I stepped off the bus, onto the curb -- following into the exact, although petite, footsteps of these Asian chicks. Surprisingly, the snow that supported these small girls quickly gave way under my weight. I fell forward. I didn't fall into the snow -- I did fall into the left boob of waiting commuter. My hand perfectly cupped her boob. I was quite shocked -- so was the woman actually. I apologize profusely, and she just smiles and really didn't care. So, on the way to work I felt up some random broad on Michigan Avenue. Lovely way to start the weekend.

I left work early on Friday and met up with a vendor for some beers. Then I met up with JM and at Fado for beers and pub food. After a few hours we decided to hit another bar in her neighborhood. We went to California Clipper. It was a fun little place in Humboldt Park. It was full of people who were trying to be a little too independent. The girls were all wearing vintage dresses with 1920 style bobs and the guys were wearing jeans with the pants rolled up at the bottom. How can you be an independent person -- trying to buck all trends -- when you look exactly like everyone else? Come on!
The band playing at the California Clipper was really good actually -- it was Susie Gomez and Her Multiple Cats. Her voice was surprisingly good. The guitar player - Jason - was friendly, although we aren't sure who exactly he was interested in. Neither JM nor I cared enough to explore any further.
Tonight I am going to Driftwood with MM and GG for a few beers. I haven't seen these boys in so many months. Maybe going on 5 for MM and 6 for GG. Two summers ago I wouldn't go a couple days without seeing or chatting with MM. It should be good to hang out tonight.

This was the view outside of my front door yesterday morning en route to work.

This is JM's back yard -- check out the snow on the west side of town.