Sunday, February 03, 2008

254,208 Hours or 10,592 Days - Your Choice

This weekend has just flown by. Last night I went to Driftwood with MM and GG. It was nice to see them. We celebrated by having a quiet and relaxing time drinking beers and chatting. We ordered in Mexican food from the taqueria next door. Driftwood is an odd place -- it is always pretty empty and the bar bills are extremely low. It was $26 for us to drink last night for 4 hours (granted, we weren't out going wild -- but still very inexpensive). We talked films and music and politics. Definitely a change from any conversations I've had socially in months -- a nice change.

I usually don't celebrate this day -- but it was nice to get a handful of phone calls and an email quantity of SMS and emails. Although, I do feel a little bad -- I don't really send best wishes to my friends on thier days. Oh well -- they are still my friends after all these many years.

Busy week at work -- several vendor lunches, a large number of meetings -- just a few action items.

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