Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nintendo and YouTube?

I've been back in Chicago for 7 days now but have just been to lazy to blog this past week. I've been fighting a cold too-- but that's not my excuse, I'm just too fucking lazy later. Can we say season depression much?

Anyway, my cold is over now. I went out with CMcE on Friday night (old boss). Had a nice time. She's a nut though. Yesterday I just watched the Shield and napped. I was still fighting the cold. Today I worked on a long term project (that I'm not going to comment too much on here -- as if my plans don't come to fruition, I'll just be pissed off -- I'll go into many details once it's all done).

When I was growing up I really loved my Nintendo (NES, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, N64, etc...) Today I stumbled upon something on YouTube that just made me laugh so much. It's this guy calling himself the Angry Video Game Nerd. Basically this numb nuts gets all pissy about how shitty some of these old NES games are. The games he chooses are truly bad. I haven't played the NES in about 15 years, but watching these video game reviews reminds me just how upsetting it was to spend $50 in 1988 for a game and realize it is just complete shit (Festers Quest...Castelvania 2...Milon's Secret Castle) -- perhaps this was my first experience of buyers remorse. Anyway, if you want to kill some time go check out these videos, but only if you were a Nintendo kid, otherwise you won't get it.

I'll offer updates on Los Angeles, Portland and the frigid Chicago this coming week.

--GOOD NEWS-- Spell check is working again. whew.

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