Sunday, February 10, 2008


pas·sion / [pash-uhn] –noun -- any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

Sometimes I feel my life is without passion. I'm not talking physical or sexual passion. I don't think I have anything that really stirs my blood any more. I am just going along with life. I got an email from a friend today. She was talking about her job (wine business) and how she is learning so much about wine. How she is taking tours of local wineries and expanding her knowledge. She started out loving only super sweet dessert wines, but now she is learning to enjoy so much more. Even in her email about what she is doing seemed so full of energy and excitement.

Another friend who is so super passionate about something is MM. He loves Architecture. When you get him talking about it he comes alive and can talk for hours about it.

I wonder what really gets me going? I enjoy wine and architecture but neither really get me all riled up any more. Nothing seems to get my all riled up any more. I love travel and photography but again, these things don't seem to drive my life. My writing has come to a halt too. I don't think I have written a word since November (other than blogs of course). Maybe it is just the time of year -- cold, dark, miserable. Maybe spring will be my renaissance -- my rebirth. Maybe my trip to LA on Tuesday will clear my mind and allow me to be reenergized?

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Jennifer said...

Belive me there are days when I feel like all I am is a mom/wife/housekeeper. Life consumes me so often that I lose who I am at times. Things are just really rough for you right now, you're dealing with serious shit and I'm sure you just need to take a moment.