Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Planning for a Busy Month -- Making Little Headway

This month is going to be quite busy -- and I'm very excited. I've said it 100 times before, but I feel like a shark -- I have to keep moving, or I'll die. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean. This week I have drinks at Pops tomorrow, then supper club on Saturday. Next week JDE comes to town for the CAF Gala. Our gala tradition will continue this year with fabulous dinner on Friday night, a cooking class (Crepes) at the Chopping Block on Saturday before the benefit. After the benefit we will go dancing at Berlin. Sunday we usually get up early and relive the bizarre things that happened the night before -- and review the pictures.

JDE leaves on Sunday evening. DMH arrives on Friday afternoon. It is his first trip to Chicago. I've been trying to get Bulls tickets...I can get great tickets for every other game in March, but not for the Bulls v. 76ers on the 14th. I figure we'll hang out in the neighborhood Friday night. Saturday I'll probably drag him around looking at the architecture and just enjoying the City. Unfortunately that will be St. Patrick's Day weekend -- I'm not too keen on green beer and drunken retards. Although, a trip to the big St. Patrick's Day Parade might be in order. Probably going to a nice dinner on Saturday night, then Sunday -- maybe brunch then head off to the Airport. Any other suggestions?

Then I'm off to Miami. It is 80 degrees in Miami. I cannot wait to get in the scorching heat. I promise I won't complain about the outrageously miserable heat of August if this winter just ends soon! Speaking of -- we got about 4" of snow last night. It was pretty warm - about 25 degrees today. I figure all the snow will be gone within 3 weeks. That's what I'm hoping and praying for.

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Anonymous said...

Take your guest to:
1) 103/Stony on the bus
2) that filthy bar on Lunt
3) that filthier bar on Jackson
4) to the methadone clinic on Bway
5) that midget bar in the SW Burbs
6) Japonais for sushi

Pick One. When I'm back in April we'll do the other 5.