Monday, February 11, 2008

Psychics are like leprechauns and eskimos -- Fictitious

I've been to a psychic once in my life. She did an amazing job of reading me. Here is what she said:
  • I am far from home (I had lived in Chicago for 5 months)
  • I am far from my significant other (See above -- plus I wasn't at all vested in the relationship)
  • I have a few very close friends that know everything about me
  • I have many acquaintances
  • Once an acquaintances becomes a friend they are in my life forever

These are all accurate -- in my opinion. I was actually very surprised that this woman could get this info about me. I was excited. I had my friend JDE visit the psychic. This psychic said the exact same thing to her -- EXACT. It makes me conclude that psychics are crap.

I've had the same dream three times in 7 days. I never remember having the same dream over and over again.(ok -- I had one dream when I was a kid that scared me -- basically it was a fear of water dream, dealing with the full cast of M*A*S*H...yeah, I know....). The recurring dream I have is of me sitting in my standard seat on a 757 (seat 4B -- aisle seat two rows back from the end of first class). It is a long flight. I am reading a magazine. We are coming in for a landing. I look out the window and I see the Los Angeles skyline in the distance. We are coming in very fast. I don't hear the landing gear coming down. We seem to be accelerating. The plane lists wildly to the left. We gain a dramatic amount of altitude (seems like 2,500 feet). We slam to the ground. The sound of metal is deafening. We eventually stop rolling down the runway. I look out the window and see Mt. Hood, then the Portland skyline. I have a very odd feeling of confusion -- is this LA? Is this Portland? The person next to me is not there any more. His/Her seat is missing from the plane -- a few seats around me are missing too. I can't get up. I am trapped but I don't feel trapped. I can't get out. Everyone around me is escaping from the plane. I am trapped. I don't panic. I hear and feel the heat from what I assume is a fire behind me. I struggle to breathe -- not because of smoke, more like pressure crushing me. I wake up.

What does this mean? I'm no dream analyst. Maybe it just means I feel that my life is completely out of control right now. Maybe it means I shouldn't travel too much -- or I should fly first class....or I shouldn't take my usual seat. I am not afraid of flying, I truly love it. It is one of the things in my life now that I just enjoy without fail.


One more thing -- why in the world does the spell check not work any more on blogger? I am not going to go back over this and correct any spelling errors.

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Rohoho said...

Subconsciously you are thinking of your upcoming travels and the stress associated with visiting Portland. That is my interpretation of your dream.

That or you are just crazy.

I had a dream last night about some guy at Linfield and we started dating and he would write me these love letters but he had granny hand writing. Like literally old woman shaky cursive writing. So I couldn't read them and lied and said they were nice letters.

What does that mean?

See, dreams are crap.