Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Weekend

Friday's commute was amazingly easy -- considering we had 6 inches of snow in my neighborhood. The heat was on MAXIMUM on the super crowded bus. I was sweating like a whore in church for the 40 minute commute. I am the first stop after the bus goes express down Lakeshore Drive. I followed two small cute Asian chicks off the bus -- following in their wake through the crowd. I stepped off the bus, onto the curb -- following into the exact, although petite, footsteps of these Asian chicks. Surprisingly, the snow that supported these small girls quickly gave way under my weight. I fell forward. I didn't fall into the snow -- I did fall into the left boob of waiting commuter. My hand perfectly cupped her boob. I was quite shocked -- so was the woman actually. I apologize profusely, and she just smiles and really didn't care. So, on the way to work I felt up some random broad on Michigan Avenue. Lovely way to start the weekend.

I left work early on Friday and met up with a vendor for some beers. Then I met up with JM and at Fado for beers and pub food. After a few hours we decided to hit another bar in her neighborhood. We went to California Clipper. It was a fun little place in Humboldt Park. It was full of people who were trying to be a little too independent. The girls were all wearing vintage dresses with 1920 style bobs and the guys were wearing jeans with the pants rolled up at the bottom. How can you be an independent person -- trying to buck all trends -- when you look exactly like everyone else? Come on!
The band playing at the California Clipper was really good actually -- it was Susie Gomez and Her Multiple Cats. Her voice was surprisingly good. The guitar player - Jason - was friendly, although we aren't sure who exactly he was interested in. Neither JM nor I cared enough to explore any further.
Tonight I am going to Driftwood with MM and GG for a few beers. I haven't seen these boys in so many months. Maybe going on 5 for MM and 6 for GG. Two summers ago I wouldn't go a couple days without seeing or chatting with MM. It should be good to hang out tonight.

This was the view outside of my front door yesterday morning en route to work.

This is JM's back yard -- check out the snow on the west side of town.

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David said...

Fado, I really like that place. We've been in Seattle and Austin.

Is the bus usually 40 minutes, or slower in the snow?