Sunday, March 23, 2008

DMH. Chicago Virgin. St. Patty's Day.

Yes -- I'm doing 3 weeks of bloggin' in one day. Don't worry, the sun is baking in through my lanai window, so it almost feels like spring -- and to commemorate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am drinking ill gotten British Airways Champagne.

Ok -- I met DMH---hmmm, I don't know when. My first real memory of him was in 5th grade, but I don't think that was the first time we hung out. In 5th grade there were for of us in Mrs. Scott's (bitch) classs - JWP, B?J, DMH and me. We were the smart guys in that class. We sat together and we hung out together. The next year I moved to the other side of town and started hanging out a lot with DMH. We were very close friends through high school. We went to different colleges, clear across the state. I went to visit him (and JWP) once, and DMH came up a ton (as I went to school near our home town). I was honored to stand up in DMH's wedding, but after that we didn't really chat much. I don't think it was anything deliberate -- I guess it's just one of those things that happen if you don't take care to stop it from happening.

So DMH was in the neighborhood (Cleveland -- from Anchorage, that is the neighborhood). He was in town from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Less than 48 hours to show the City and hang out... Day one -- Bulls. Fuckin' Bulls! Managed to get us some pretty decent seats (not without a hiccup, but that's life). The Bulls were doing great! They were ahead the first three quarters (yah, you know where this is going). They were up by 18 points. In the 4th quarter the sucked balls. The lost by 4 points. Welcome to Chicago, DMH. Luckily he grow up outside of PDX, so he was use to the home town team fucking up when it counted most.

As you all know --- my days revolve around food, drink and friends. The friend was already here -- so we just had to work on the first two. We decided to hit Giordano's for pizza (first visit to Chicago does require true deep dish pizza, I'll give you that). Unfortunately, I'm a total fucking retard -- it was the Downtown St. Patrick's Day Parade. 500,000 drunken pseudo Irish wanting pizza downtown. We over order, as always. It was good though. Thank god JDE didn't want pizza when she was here the week prior or I would have had to veto this.

I give a crappy version of a historical/architectural walking tour and show DMH all the major sites (Millennium Park, Sears Tower, Board of Trade, etc. etc. etc.). Then we sit at the W City Center Bar for a while. We had dinner reservations at Wildfire (favorite) at 8:45. We wander around playing around in all the electronic stores (Garmin, Nokia, Apple). Wildfire treated us well -- although I was getting exhausted -- I walk everywhere, but 6-7 solid hours of walking is too damn much!

Get home and chatted, then sleep. Got up the next morning and went to Brunch at Tweet. Had to leave for ORD at 12N, so Sunday was a wash. I had a nice time. Until about 5 months ago, DMH and I haven't chatted for several years. There were a couple odd silences, but nothing like some of the conversations I had at the High School Reunion. I hope we don't wait another 7 years to hang out. I think it's my turn to make the trip. I've always wanted to see Alaska. I want to do some sort of outdoorsy thing -- like from OutsideGO (with premium hotel/food and guides), but still. I've got a couple friends in AK -- although they are all over the place...I figure if I fly to Anchorage the Fairbanks folks can get their asses down, right???

I actually haven't heard from DMH since he left -- I assume he made it back ok. I would post some pictures, but I don't have any of his trip here -- he took all the photos. I'll update later on.

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David said...

Had a great time!

Made it back easy enough... It was a close connection in Minneapolis, I ran to board just to wait an hour while they worried about some other connections. Oh well.