Sunday, March 23, 2008

JDE. Class. Gala. Limin'.

Ao I have a ton of blogging to catch up on. I'm going to do separate posts, as if I actually kept this thing up and running normally.

The CAF gala was Saturday March 8th. JDE comes in each year and we make a full weekend of it. Wednesday night (one day before her flight arrived) I become violently ill. I hadn't been this sick since I was a senior in High School (DMH and A?L were with me). I will spare you the graphic details, but Jesus H. Christ, I was sick. At least this time I was home. I didn't sleep at all on Wednesday night. I slept in the hallway floor, and the bathroom floor for the 10 minutes I did sleep. JDE arrived around 5pm on Thursday. I managed to make it to the airport. It was a rough trip out there, I tell you what. It was so god to see here at ORD at baggage claim. It hasn't been all that long since I had hung out with her, but it is always good to see her.

The first night we make it back to my place, and decide to go out to dinner in my neighborhood -- a little Italian place called Pizza Rustica. I was actually able to keep some food down -- WHOO HOO. We go to bed pretty early. I get up around 8:30 on Friday and feel good as new. You wouldn't even know I had been sick. On the plus side, not being able to keep any food down for 20 hours allowed me to fit into my gala gown (er, tux) without a problem at all. Thank you for the 24 hour bug!

Our Mission for Friday -- find me some shoes, and go for sushi. We left the house and went to my office (to get my expense check -- pobre Timoteo). We had lunch at Bloomingdale's -- a great lunch place -- sort of like the trashier version of breakfast at Tiffany's, right?. Then we went to the office and JDE met BAD (Boss, who was joining us the following evening for the gala). I forgot that JDE had met JO in LA...luckily she left us in LA before we got too insane. Anyway...we hit every fucking store from Oak Street to the River -- and finally settle at Kenneth Cole (trash). The shoes are fine -- not all that great, but they will do. Get a call from our office folks (BAD and JO) -- they are out drinking -- free drinks until Sushi. We go. We drink.
Go to Sushi - AI - it was fine. The last thing we ate (sea scallops) had a bizarre sauce, that nearly spoiled the whole experience for me. After that we went the Peninsula for dessert, champagne and jazz-- always a fab time.

The next day we get up early and go to our cooking class -- this year we took a demonstration class (Crepes). It was so good. Mimosas and two savory crepes and one sweet crepe. So wonderful. We spend a couple hours walking around the Merchandise Mart checking out the high end kitchens and bathrooms. Then we run home to eat, and get ready for the benefit. We are to meet BAD and JED at 6pm at their hotel for cocktails. We make it. Our 4 some looks great. We head down to the Field Museum for the benefit -- it smells like a moth ball factory. We drink. Volunteers are rude to us. We Drink. We go down to dinner. George does a fantastic job, as always. We drink. Our table had MMcM and GG (per usual-PU), and CP (also PU) and a staffer and her husband -- love them. We go schmooze for a while, then hit the dance floor. The band is really great. REALLY GREAT. I love Stanley Paul, but this band sounded fantastic. We dance (and drink for hours). BAD/JED go home around 11:15. We stay until they kick us out, then go out to the old Gentry in Boistown, then when that closes at 2, we go dancing at Berlin (PU).

I love daylight savings day, except when it falls on Gala weekend. We decide to go get breakfast. I have known MMcM for years, and usually I am the super drunk one. He was quite intoxicated (it was refreshing). After breakfast we get home....the fucking morning news is on! We get back to my apartment at 6:40am! FUCK ME! we quickly fall asleep.

I get up at noon and obviously have an inner ear problem (not the 19 hours of non-stop boozing), as I make a racket and nearly fall over. We get up, watch TV and then go to the airport. I miss JDE before she has even gone through security at ORD.

It is unclear when I will see her again...even if it was later that week it is too long.

Oh yes -- when we were out and about after the gala, many people asked if we had just gotten married (they didn't know which of the two of the three of us had just gotten hitched JDE, MMcM or me....)

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