Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday night...seriously?

It is Sunday night. How is this possible? It seems like only 30 seconds ago I was leaving the office on Friday. I had to work late on Friday too. Stayed at the office until about 6pm -- which frustrates the hell out of me. Basically our key vendor was being problematic. Saturday I ran a few errands and prepared for supper club. Got a SMS from SO. She was in town for a play opening and a job interview. We met up at 2pm for lunch and beers. We ended up drinking for 12 hours. Supper club was thrown in there too. I slept until 1:30 pm today -- I haven't slept that late in the in at least 3 years.

It was 54 degrees today. I think winter is coming to an end. It's about damn time.

I finished watching the first season of Sleeper Cell today. It ended up being a pretty good show. Not sure how season two will work out -- most of the main characters are either dead or in jail. I need more sleep.

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David said...

and now it's nearly the next, next Sunday.

See you this afternoon.