Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cold. Lazy. Nap Time.

Last night I went to the Bulls game with E?J. We had four club level seats. The Bulls played Cleveland. LeBron played. Funny thing is, LaBron score more points in the first quarter than the Bulls did...OY! I had a nice time. E?J hadn't been to a Bulls game before -- he's been in Chicago for about 4 years now. We drank lots of cheap beer. After the game we decided to go to the L & L on Clark for some more cheap beers. E?J had an upset stomach -- probably from eating a gallon of popcorn, some nachos, a cheese pizza and 6 gallons of beers. SO called while we were out and about -- it was good to talk to her. She needs to move back to Chicago. This is a perfectly awful photo of me -- but life is full of beauty and ugly, unfortunately the ugly in this picture is me.

Tonight I'm going to the burbs for dinner with P&TH and JM. Should be copious amounts of wine, and good food. The weather sucks today. It reminds me of Oregon in November. I haven't done anything today -- that's not right. I brushed Miss Lilly, and finally got my iPod to connect to my home wifi. Now I don't have to get off the couch to check my email or watch youtube (you are right, I can check my email on my blackberry...fine). One thing that frustrates me, is that I cannot watch streaming Netflix movies on the iPod. This is for obvious reasons, but still, it would have been a nice little treat, eh?

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