Friday, April 04, 2008

Gym--But of Course

So, after a 4 month hiatus I have made my return to the gym. God it's about damn time. I just rode the bike for 45 minutes and called it a night. My most recent excuse for not going to the gym was because I just wanted to watch something (not read something) while doing cardio. My gym doesn't have TVs, so I was waiting to get video iPod. It finally arrived today. I got the 8G Touch, and I freakin' love it! Am still working on filling it with appropriate play lists, tv shows, podcasts (audio and video). If you have any suggestions please let me know. Currently I just have Anderson Cooper 360 (enjoyable for multiple reasons), a Bloomberg update and VH1's Best Week Ever. That is just enough for me to get through my cardio work out. I feel 1M times better after going to the gym. I've only got 5 inches of belly fat to lose in 21 days. Gotta look hot for San Diego...not too hot though, I don't want BH to try and fuck me...sorry B.

I went to see my esthetician Jess today. I don't know her last name, so I won't use initials, plus I don't think folks at Mario use their real name, I know some go for pseudonyms, so I'm not too concerned. I like her. I'm not sure if she and I would ever be friendly outside of our professional relationship, but I think she's a good egg-- and does a great job. Plus I think she's doing something she really enjoys doing.

Speaking of doing things you like to do -- I had to present today at work. I taught a 60 minute course on the history of insurance and basics of insurance policies. I was teaching this to my team. Read my previous posts about my team. A couple are "interesting"....(read slow). My analogy to help them understand insurance policies was "insurance policies are like sandwiches -- you can have thousands of different sandwiches, but you can tell they are sandwiches. The different components/ingredients don't make it any more or less of a sandwich (policy)." I thought it was clever. Unfortunately I think it was lost on a couple of these people. The questions were asked were so far off from what I had just talked about. I couldn't be a teacher. The first time a student said something stupid or missed something on the test that I specifically told them, I'd just write the whole class off, and just coast through until I get my pension.

I hate people.

The weather is supposed to be fantastic this weekend. Should be around 60 degrees along the lake. It's about god damn time. I have to run a few errands tomorrow. I need to get some new formal wear accessories -- pocket square, bow tie, leather harness -- oh wait...strike that last's not that kind of a benefit.

Ok -- one final thing. I can't get the wifi to work on my new ipod. WTF? I've followed every option I can find. It claims it is connected to my secure network (entered in the PW). I even restored and updated the software. I am retarded at times. A friend just started a new mac consulting firm MacHero. Maybe I'll have to call him and tell him how stupid I am at times. Any of you mac people out there, if you have problems with your stuff, call Gino. He's great at what he does. CALL HIM! Tell him I sent you -- you won't get a discount, just tell him I sent you...oh, and don't be a dick.


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Rohoho said...

1. I met this girl at a party once and during small talk I asked her what she did for a living. "I'm in aesthetics."

I looked at her. "Aesthetics? Like, the appreciation of beautiful things?"

"No, like facials."

"OH! You are an esthetician!"


2. Do you think your friend at MacHero could tell me what to do with my old Mac laptop besides telling me to throw it away? I like to take it camping and stuff because I don't really care what happens to it but it sucks balls because all the programs are so old.