Sunday, April 27, 2008

Perfectly Perfect

Why is it I have so much more fun when I'm in a new city exploring things by myself? Does that mean I'm a hermit at heart? Will I turn into "Old Ben Kenobi", living past the dune sea, and creepy townies calling me a hermit? Screw the townies, Uncle Owen is a dick and he'll get what's coming to him. But I digress.

I went out for Sushi last night. Visions, was a sleek modern looking facility. The food was acceptable. No spice, not even in the spicy items. The fish itself was ok--and that's all I can say about it. Venus, my server was very friendly -- I was the ONLY person in the large restaurant for 2.5 hours. We talked about the city, talked about life in the Midwest (she's from Minneapolis). After dinner, I walked back and enjoyed a nice small gelato and was back in the hotel by 11:30pm. It was perfectly wonderful. I should do some more soul searching to see why I thoroughly enjoy days like yesterday more than most days of my life.

It is going to be 90 degrees in San Diego today (triple digits inland -- although I'm not familiar enough with the geography, so I don't know what/where "inland" is -- I just know it's not me, as my hotel is right on the water).

Off to get some breakfast and get a haircut. I always get a hair cut while traveling. I started this tradition a year ago in New Orleans. I just pick a barber shop, or salon and try it. It's just hair, it'll grow back (hopefully), and you can learn so much about the people and the city just sitting and listening. Gotta get the day started before it's too late.

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David said...

Safe to say inland is East... Pretty broad definition though.

Have a god time. Some heat sounds pretty good. Our snow dumping is melting off pretty good already. But even with broad definitions... 37F does not qualify as heat.