Tuesday, April 29, 2008

San Diego...Continued

Yesterday was a good day. The weather was warm, the sessions I attended were great. I ran into an old friend from Near North Insurance Brokerage, BS. We had a couple beers at my hotel bar. We met a guy who use to work for Swiss Re -- he dealt with the litigation of the WTC loss. He was funny in a sad clown sort of way -- he said that the 30 months of litigation cost him his hair (he was bald), his wife, his girlfriend, his family, ultimately his job and made him an alcoholic. Yeah -- well you should balance your life, dumbass, but he did buy us a beer to sit and chat with him for a few more minutes.

I went to see Hootie and the Blowfish last night. I don't know any Hootie songs. They did do a Zeplin cover, as well as an REM cover. After the concert my boss (BAD), our forensic accountant (MS) and a broad from BP-Americas (CV) went out for Mexican food and then to a dance club for some bad dancing. It was fun-ish.

This morning I got up early and went to Petco Park for a behind the scenes tour. We met with the Risk Manager and the Workers Compensation guy for about 45 minutes, then took a great tour. We saw the dug out, the bull pen, the visitors locker room, the press box -- everything. It was really a great tour. It is such a great facility. They are really family friendly -- offering cheap tickets and really providing a great option for families.

Sat with CV (the broad from BP) and had some beers tonight. Going to dinner with Willis, then going to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (hosted by Young MC) afterwards. Should be interesting. I do feel like instead of being in San Diego this week, I am actually in 1996 -- but whatever.

I still don't want to leave this place. 36 hours until Oregon.

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