Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Time is here

The weather this weekend was fantastic. It was in the mid 60s on Saturday. I got up super early and was pretty damn productive. I walked down to Bloomingdale's to buy some pocket squares (for my tux)--it's a 4 mile walk. Just a beautiful day.

Last night was the Children's Place Benefit at Union Station. SR was my date. We had a nice time. I was bidding on a nice Burberry Medium Tote. I thought it would be a nice addition to my frequent traveling. Unfortunately the other guests at Children's Place were much more giving and decided to out bid me. If my fragmented memory serves, the final going price on this bag was over the retail price. I like the Children's Place, but I want a deal on silent auction things -- c'mon...I'm a cheap skate.

After the gala we went to the Zebra Lounge -- where else? After closing that place down . I get JM home and then head home myself. In my hurry to go to sleep, I leave my tux laying on the floor, and of course Miss Lilly things that a balled up tuxedo is the most comfortable thing to sleep on. Now, I have a white fur tuxedo. Lovely. OH! And one of my friends (a guy who is a member of my supper club) was robbed at gun point following the gala, he was outside of his home, and some thugs came up pulled out a gun and robbed him -- they then ran off. I'm not sure how I would respond to that situation. I can see myself running, or fighting back, perhaps I'd lay on the ground and cry...who knows.
Here is a pic of my date SR.

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