Thursday, April 03, 2008

What a Weak Week...

This week has flown by -- yet again. I have spent almost every night working. I have to give a presentation tomorrow to our team. I am teaching an Insurance 101 course -- History of Insurance and Basics of Insurance Policies. I know, it sounds so boring doesn't it? I'm looking forward to it. I need to improve my presentation skills.

Saturday is the Children's Place Association gala. I usually don't have all that much fun at the benefit, but I am looking forward to seeing the space and hanging out with a few friends. I'll be posting some photos of me and my date early next week.

Spring is starting to creep up on us here in the City. I can't wait for it to finally get here. I just want to sit out by the pool, or on the balcony, drinking a festive cocktail and enjoying the heat. San Diego trip is in 3 weeks-- I am so looking forward to that trip. I've got a ton of great meetings at the conference already set up -- not only the dinner/cocktail stuff, but the actual conference itself -- I'm a big nerd, I know it.

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