Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beautiful Day in the City

I think summer has finally arrived. It was so warm and clear today. Last night I went to dinner with JM. We went to Cafe Absinthe -- good appetizers, and good entree, the dessert was burned though. We went to this great new bar in Wicker Park, called Lilac Hour. Most of the reviews I've read said what a great bar this was. After waiting outside for about 15 minutes before we could enter (some douche bag door man, wearing a $115 H&M Suit kept us outside to add to the mystique of the facility). This place was a dump. 30 items on the bar menu. No Grey Goose. No Olives. JM wasn't happy. I wanted a 21+ y/o scotch. They didn't have any that I ordered. I asked for the bartender to pick the best single malt scotch. It tasted like turpentine. The bar was full of fat girls wearing halter tops and jeans with high heals, drinking cosmos -- yeah, Sex and the City brings out the worst in America. We went to a few other places in Wicker Park and I just wanted to kill myself. Got home around 1am and slept like a baby.

I got up this morning around 7:30 am. JM was coming over at 9:30 to pick me up for a CAF tour. The tour was of Stearns Quarry at 29th and Halsted. It was an old limestone quarry from the 19th Century. It is being turned into a new topographically rich city park. It was a gorgeous day to be out on a walking tour. Such a great day. After the tour we had a group brunch at a mediocre restaurant in Bridgeport. I had a nice time though.

Got home around 2:30pm. Sat on the balcony. Listened to music very loudly. Enjoyed the heat.

Talked to EAD today -- haven't talked to him in quite awhile. Looks like I'll be going to DEN in July for JFBs 30th Birthday. Should be fun -- am looking forward to seeing the boys again. Next week I will book the following flights: YYZ, DEN, PDX. We are also talking more about our alternatives for my 30th. Dubai is still on the top of the list, but with the weakening dollar and sheer amount of travel time, we are trying to find another option. I'm shooting for a low key beach type vacation. Maldives. Hotels are quoted in US$, complete disconnection from the world, ability to meet like minded people from all over the world. Actually, I'll be happy with Dubai and anywhere we end up as long as I'm with friends (EAD/JFB, and who ever else is coming).

I am tired. Going to bed. I might go to a Lesbian BBQ tomorrow. Actually it's a BBQ hosted by two lesbians (and a gay Puerto Rican)-- I don't know what a lesbian BBQ would be -- and I think I want to know either.

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