Sunday, May 25, 2008

May Recap

So May is almost gone, and I haven't blogged. After San Diego/Portland, I spent 4 days in Chicago and then returned to the west coast. I went to see JDE in SFO. We spent a couple days in Napa. I got extremely sun burned --- although it turned into a nice (although short lived) tan the next day. We spent time with JDE's friend GXL. Spent the night at her house in Napa, cooking dinner together, drinking bottles of wine together -- and just having an amazingly peaceful night. The next day we headed back to the City -- had great sushi, hit a going away party, then a gross late night diner. Slight delay leaving SFO for ORD. Stuck in coach the whole trip. One thing that I realized on this trip -- that is pretty obvious but something I never thought about before. First off, let me preface this realization by saying my flight from SFO to ORD was a continuation from the flight from SYD to SFO. Let's just say, when people travel 15 hours on the same plane, the plane gets very ripe. Actually it smells like a rotten corpse.

BAD (the boss) quit. her last day was 5/19. I won't get into the specifics here -- I'll tell you about it if you really want to know. Where does that leave me? Probably in a pretty good position. I am very upset with her -- purely for selfish reasons -- she is a great boss, and a good friend. I wish she hadn't left. Do I get her job, you might ask? It's unclear. The whole thing is very nebulous right now. I will keep you all in the loop. If I do get a bump up, I'm going to take y'all out for a drink.

I spent one weekend in May in Chicago. I had dinner with KS on Saturday night. It was a nice time -- she had it catered and with a waitress/server/staff (what's the word??)

For Memorial Day weekend I came to Portland. JLP-B and her husband JB took me out to do some wine tours/tastings. I had a very nice time -- JLP-B is really a great resource on local wine. She knows so much (or at least it seems she does).

Other than the wine trip, I am just completely tortured here. My dad has been too sick to do anything. My mom has been staying up almost all night, and just sitting in her chair in a veritable coma during the day. I did plant tomatoes on Saturday (alone -- my dad was too sick to come out and my mom just didn't want to go outside). The weather was fantastic on Saturday. The rest of the weekend has been grey and rainy. We had a pretty rough thunderstorm on Saturday night (very rare in this part of the country).

I return to Chicago tomorrow afternoon. I'm flying up front -- so I'll have a few glasses of wine and work on the plane. I don't have any other trips booked right now. I have to go to Toronto in late June sometime. I will probably go to Denver in June or July as well. I might (MIGHT) come back for the 4th of July. The airfare is just getting so high for the visit -- but I know I need to do it, the money doesn't really matter -- and in a few years, I'll regret not coming back.

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Sarah said...

Sorry to hear your dad isn't feeling well. If you are back in Portland for the 4th, I'll be there - all month long! I'll be in Chicago in early August, possibly, too.