Monday, May 05, 2008


O'Hare on a Sunday night is like last call at any bar. There are a ton of nervous looking people hurrying around -- trying to get on that last flight (person) before it's too late. People running to the restaurants/magazine kiosks before last call. You don't want to be caught after last call without a drink in your hand. Everyone eyeing everyone else as the whole room starts to clear.

Anyway, I'm back in Chicago for 3 more days. Then off to SFO for a weekend in Napa. Unfortunately I'm flying in the back of the bus...which is a very sad state of affairs. I haven't flown the C word since I got stuck on TED to Orlando and again to Las Vegas. 4.5 hours in Coach. No free Booze. No food. Nothing at all. I am in no mood for this already. SFO will be a blast though. I can't wait.

Today was one of the longest Mondays ever. BAD had a bad day. JO is in PDX and LAX this week. I am fighting a cold, or something. I didn't sleep much last night -- Lilly was too excited for me to be home. I almost had to cage her, she was too affectionate. It's too bad I can get my pussy so excited, but that's about it, eh? Oh well.

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Sarah said...


Are you spending the whole weekend in Napa, or will you be in the city some?