Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trips and Tips...

I hate to say this, but work has been good. We haven't been swamped. I took a nice relaxing lunch today, read my favorite magazine, and had time to just disconnect. I am working on a trip to Toronto in June. I am going for an insurance meeting and a friends wedding. She is from Miami and she and her girlfriend want to get hitched right away -- and have no intention of waiting until Florida allows same sex marriage. The plan is for me to be one of their witnesses. Quite and honor.

I will probably be heading back to Oregon at some point soon -- probably 4th of July. It all depends on when my dad's chemo treatments are and how much airfare is -- it's nearly $600 for ORD-PDX r/t. That is outrageous.

On my recent trip to PDX I went wine tasting at Deponte Cellars, Vista Hills, and Maysara. It was such a fantastic day. It was so warm I could wear shorts and sandals -- what an odd way to spend a May day in Oregon, I know. I really appreciate the time that JLP-B put into coordinating the wine tours. Hell, it might only take her 2 minutes to put together, but it is a great way to spend the day. I need to think of a way to repay her.... hmmmm. I took a few pictures from Vista Hills -- the tasting area there is called the Tree House, and is just amazing. The view of the valley from the hill was just breathtaking. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

The final treat I had in PDX was lunch at Rose City Cafe. The food was good -- not as great as it has been, but still definitely worth the trip. A couple good local beers, an order of hamachi sashimi, Tako Nigiri, Fatty Tuna Nigiri, and Spicy Tuna Roll for a total of $31 -- COME ON! You can't beat that.

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