Monday, June 09, 2008

Risk Resource Center - Organizational Announcement

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Tim *SNIP* to Director of Risk Management. Tim joined in *COMPANY* May of 2006 as a Risk Analyst, and subsequently was promoted to Associate Risk Manager in July of 2007. Prior to joining *COMPANY*, Tim had worked as a commercial insurance broker for 4 years with a large regional brokerage firm in Chicago.

In his new role, Tim will be responsible for managing the corporate insurance program and risk analytics, with the goal of ensuring that our insurance program is the most comprehensive and competitive program in the marketplace. Tim also will oversee our Safety and Loss Control Program, and therefore MV, our Loss Control Manager, will report to Tim. When we fill our open Risk Analyst position, that individual will report to Tim as well. Tim will report to MS, our Senior Vice President, as will JO, our Director of *SNIP*

Any requests for information or assistance that previously were directed to BAD should be sent directly to Tim.

Please join me in congratulating Tim on his well-deserved promotion.

Mike *SNIP*

-- Edited for confidentiality (names of people and company, etc)--


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Yeah Tim! Joe says, cool...can he get me a job in Portland ;)