Monday, June 09, 2008

Self Imposed Blog Blackout

Last week saw many changes and challenges, which is why I put myself on a blog blackout. Some folks from work read this blog (at times) and I didn't want to talk about the goings on until they were announced. The announcement came this morning (see previous blog posting for the actual announcement). My promotion to Director of Risk Management was made public this morning. It is effective 5/20/2008 -- the first day my boss left. It took a couple days of discussion to get the details hammered out (title, total compensation, office, staff, structure, etc). So I have an office now. It's nothing fancy, just a nice internal office -- decent size, no window, but it is my office. I have a door. It feels good.

I have had a couple people come up to me and say that they are surprised that I got yet another promotion (I've been promoted two times in the two years I have been with the firm). Another person said that I am the youngest person to be promoted to Director at the company. I like the idea of that -- whether or not it is true, who knows.

I am looking to buy some art for my office walls -- probably some photograph that I took myself. Perhaps an architectural print, or a landscape from OR or Napa, or something like that. Any ideas? Speaking of my office, I will bring my camera to work tomorrow (well, I will bring my CHARGED camera to work tomorrow) and take pictures of my office to show it off. Things like an office don't really mean that much to me-- it is nice, but not really something that makes me so excited.

What does really excite me -- TRAVEL. I was invited to attend a Risk Management Conference in New York. Only 100 people get invited to attending this conference -- quite an honor, I think. So my current trips are: YYZ, DEN, LGA, BDL. I have a PDX trip or two in the mix, and maybe a trip to LAS some point in September (for a birthday party). I'd also like to hit MSY this year too. Send me an email if any of you are looking to take a trip to LAS or MSY in the early fall.

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Jamie said...

You have exactly four weeks to get prints from at a discount. Take a look and let me know.