Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sick of Sick Day, Already

I am home sick today. Some yahoo (JO) from the office came in with some sort of wild cold his kids picked up from day care. Come on, that is what sick days are for! So I called (er, emailed) in sick today. What have I done so far on my sick day? I ate breakfast. I spent 30 minutes answering emails, and then spent 45 minutes on a call with our LA Office. It is now 10:30am, and I am shutting down and going to the grocery to get something to fix for lunch.

Also -- why is the Today show on until 11am? Isn't 4 hours a bit too much? They don't talk about news past the 7:15 hour anyway -- why bother, just so Kathy Lee Gifford doesn't get unemployment? What a train wreck.

One more thing -- doesn't Michael Phelps look like JT (the newspaper editor from Linfield our senior year)?

Don't bug me today.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm no Otis from Mayberry, but...

D&MH are in from ANC. They stopped by the expertly decorated office (the main office, not my specific office is expertly decorated, in a parking motif with a color scheme from the early 90s -- note, we moved in there and rehabbed it in the late 90s). We had lunch -- well DH and I did, MH got the screw job on a salad. Some mumble mouth waiter at The Saloon gave her what amounts to a shot glass of salad.

We went to Lollapalooza. I'm not a big outdoor music festival kind of guy. When I was a kid (college and before) I would go to these things a lot. Music doesn't play that big of a role in my life any more (probably because I associate listening to the radio with being in a car, which I don't have). It was hot. I was hot, not in a Paris Hilton "That's Hot" sorta way either. I was as moist as could be. Usually at these events I will have a beer or something along those lines. Not yesterday. I couldn't get enough water. I figured if I had a beer the tiny amount of alcohol in it would dehydrate me just enough to send me into some sort of fit. I sweat like a monkey at times and that wouldn't have been a pleasant sight. All of my local friends (none of which I actually saw yesterday) texted saying they were so drunk. I was far from envious.

When we left the festival (after Radiohead) all 75,000 people came with us. My thought was to walk off Michigan and get a cab at a hotel -- alas 25,000 other people had the same thought. Luckily, 24,999 of those people were quite intoxicated, so it didn't take me long to figure out how to outsmart these yahoos. When I got home, I couldn't hope in the shower quick enough. Also, it appears some intense drama came up surrounding one of my local Lollafriends. I'm sure I'll get all the details on Monday. Drama Free is the Way to Be.

Depending on the heat -- I'll have a beer...OR they are selling a big sports bottle full of wine -- that just sounds like a prelude to a train wreck of a night, doesn't it???