Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall Travel -- Kickin' Into High Gear

In 14 hours I will be on a flight to LGA. I love NYC. I am going to a Risk Management Conference for two days. The invite list is pretty exciting -- invite only, about 190 people attending. Staying in Midtown at a nice-ish hotel, but it looks like I'm flight Back of the Bus too --but I guess it's ok, since it's only two hours. Back in town on Wednesday evening.

We've had a hell of a lot of rain around here-- Hurricane Ike caused "steady rain" for two solid days. Tons of flooding in Chicago. The Chicago River popped over it's banks and the Albany Park neighborhood was extremely flooded. Nothing back happened near me -- well, I'm 16 floors up, so if my apartment gets flooded, millions of people will be dead. So let's all hope my apartment says dry for ever.

EAD will be in town on Saturday for about 27 hours. Looking forward to having him in town. Probably hitting a nice restaurant for dinner, then perhaps going out along Halsted for a while -- anyone interested in joining us? Won't be an extremely late/wild night. He's got a flight in the early afternoon. Come one, come all.

Hmmm -- Just had a slight after thought... I travel a decent amount (not as much as I'd like though). For well over 18 months now, I have happened across a plane crash movie (Flight 93, Bounce, etc) the day before a flight. I just realized, I haven't stumbled across a movie/TV show like that this trip. I'm not superstitious, but I am a creature of habit. Fingers crossed, gang, fingers crossed.

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