Sunday, September 21, 2008


It is fall. It is dark around 7pm. It is going to be cold and snowy soon. How sad. I can't believe how quickly time is passing. I say this frequently but it seems like life is just speeding by. Maybe I'm paying more attention to things like this now because I'm turning 30 in a few months and I'm reevaluating where I am in my life. Am I where I thought I'd be now?

Anyway. I had a most perfect time in New York. The conference was absolutely fantastic. I met some great contacts in the Risk Management industry with some of the nations best firms. I truly learned a lot. I wish I had more time in New York to actually do New York things. I spent about 90 minutes out and about on my own and the rest of the time (8am - 10pm) at the conference.

I'm going to Hartford on Thursday and DC on Friday. I am looking forward to seeing JDE and JXC this weekend. We are going to watch the first Presidential Debate at a bar in DC Friday night. Should be fun -- what a novel concept -- treating something important like the election like most Americans treat football. Should be a great weekend.

EAD was in town for about 24 hours this weekend. We had a really nice time. Picked him up at ORD and went to brunch at Tweet. We did some shopping and bought some wine and cheese and sat around my place talking and eating for a few hours. Hit a relatively new sushi place in the neighborhood (two thumbs up), then stopped by a few bars in Boystown. We went to see SO and EJ at the L&L and then met up with a friend (neighbor) RR and closed out the North End. Topped the evening off with a late night visit to Taco and Burrito House. Lovely.

I also watched Lions and Lambs today. I really liked it. Go watch it. Lots of talking heads and an ending that isn't an American ending (whew).

Going to watch the Star Wars Family Guy spoof and eat some homemade pizza now.

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Sarah O. said...

You met up with MORE friends at MORE bars after you left us? Damn, you're unstoppable. Say hi to Hartford for me.