Thursday, September 25, 2008

Go East, Young Man!

Heading to BDL today and IAD tomorrow. I'm going to be sitting at BDL for 2 hours waiting for my colleague (assuming our respective flights land on time). DC will be rainy while there -- still will be a good time though.

So, why would you suspend your campaign because of the economy. Of course on Monday we could be in a depression bigger than the "great depression". I wonder what the likelihood of this could be. I'm not adjusting my investments. Prices are dropping -- I thought it was a good by at $X, if it is now $X - 20% it is even a better buy. Scary times though.

Did you all write your check for $10,000 to cover the toxic mortgage bail out? Don't you think if the American tax payer could afford an additional $10K, they'd be using that to pay for their mortgage?? Come on. Mark my words -- this toxic debt isn't going to turn into a huge money maker for the government. GWB is nice enough to put another nail in the coffin before he slinks out of DC with his tail between his legs (to his multibillion dollar post office life). Yes, the American system is flawed.

Back to Chicago on Sunday, barring metal fatigue or pilot error. (FYI: I did watch part of Bounce last night, so I think my tradition of crash movies before flights will keep me safe -- unlike last week).

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