Monday, September 15, 2008

My Kind of Town...

I love New York. I don't know how I can love a place so much. It is just the best and most perfect city on the planet. Unfortunately my trip here was not all the best. Got in the office around 7:30am. Left around 12:30 for my 3:05 flight. On the plane -- we had a slight issue. Shooting down the runway, the front landing gear is poised to kick up for take off -- SCREECH! Slam on the breaks, reverse thrust and turn HARD to the right (starboard). A few people (girls??) squealed in the back. According to folks on the other side of the plane another plane was landing on an intersecting runway.... According to the pilot, he was taking off and the front cargo door indicator light came on -- thus the door was ajar. We go back to the penalty box and wait. No one came to look at the door -- even though the pilot said they were coming. The pilot then comes on and says that we have to wait 45 minutes for our breaks to cool down -- if we don't wait for them to cool down we don't be able to stop in the event of another aborted take off. Uh, how many do you plan on us having each day?

That's not the best part. After we nearly get splatted the 23 year old squash player sitting next to me decides to start vomiting. Lovely. He pukes all over himself, fills 1/3 of the puke bag and then pukes on the chick next to him. If he puked on me, I would have killed him. No questions asked. BOOM. Done. And then in 20-25 years I would have been given the Lethal Injection -- but come on. Puking on someone is something that should require your own death.

Let's hope tomorrow is less near death, less vomit full and more fun.

I do live a glamorous lifestyle, don't I? Oh yeah, I flew coach too.

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