Saturday, September 27, 2008

To tip on service or on custom -- that's the real debate

I am in D.C.  Hartford is, was and always will be a mess.  The new phrase I picked up in Hartford -- "Global Mess".  I think that's worse than a "Hot Mess".  Anyway.  Got to BDL on Thursday, got in a filthy rental car and went to our hotel.  Stayed at the Residence Inn on Main Street.  Big rooms, good service, sort of smells like a combination of moth balls and a meth lab though.  We went to dinner with one of our vendors -- 3 middle aged women who don't seem to get out much.  We had fun, but let's just say it's not one of those nights that when I wake up in the morning I'll be sad it is over.  We went to Trumball Kitchen, then hit a few bars on Asylum and closed out the hotel brew pub.  The meeting went pretty well the next day.

Then I got the hell out of dodge.  My flight to D.C. was an uneventful 382 miles of airline wine and conversation with some dude who is very important -- in his own mind.  We had an aborted landing this time.  Nothing too extreme though.  We broke through the cloud cover (a few thousand feet) and instead of reducing thrust, we punched it and looped around.  The plane was full of seasoned travelers so no one freaked out.  Much nicer than that screaming fit people had on the way to LGA.

JDE picked me up and went to her place.  She's become a much better manual transmission driver -- no worries on the hills at all.  She'll have to be my partner when I go on the Amazing Race (which starts tomorrow night, btw).  

We decided to go out along Pennsylvania Ave for bar food, beers and the debates.  I probably know 8 people in DC, all from Linfield.  We were walking down Penn and who do we run into??  Yes, AMU and his boyfriend JXN.  Haven't seen AMU since I left him chatting up some guy in an Alley behind the Abbey in WeHo 3 years ago.  Haven't seen JXN since we left him chatting up some guys outside a restaurant (Einstein's??  not the bagel shop) in Midtown (ATL).  We chatted for a few minutes then went out separate ways.  What a random run in, eh?

I forget where we went along Penn, but the burgers were good, the beer were fine -- although slow as hell on the, everything was slow at that bar. It was like pulling teeth to get the bill.  We watched the debates with a ton of Washington pseudo insiders at the bar -overhearing lots fun comments.

Not sure what the plans are for today -- probably going to the Mall.  I want to see the Lincoln Memorial and the FDR Memorial.  Then Sushi tonight.  Not sure where exactly - but I hear sushi in DC just sucks a big one, so my expectations aren't high.

I'm not adding links like I normally do, because I'm using a mac laptop and I'm too dumb to figure out all the trips and tricks.

Two more things:  1)  The Debates were Ugh.  Barrack needs to win.  We can't have McPalin.  'Nuf said.  The Veep debate is next week, I can't wait!  2) WaMu fails?  Duh, if you start charging ATM Fees you'd have cash, you dumb fuck.

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