Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yellow cake? A Tasty Treat or a Slippery Slope of Lies...

Today is beautiful. Sunny and no humidity. I'm playing around on my computer, watching WTTW (PBS). Today, all day, on WTTW Bush's War is being shown. It's funny to look back 6 years ago and see all the lies and falsehoods that were put forth as god's honest truth. These lies of course sent us on a collision course with an unpopular war. The best part, so far, of this documentary relates to the immediate moments following the morning of 9/11/2001. Can you believe we are almost 7 years removed from that. How quickly we forget the horrifying moment of that morning. So, according to GWB Iraq was actively seeking 500 tons of Yellow Cake Uranium from Niger. Funny -- there are no written records that show anyone but GWB thought this was even a possibility. The British Intelligence Agencies were quoted as the folks who had confirmation of this info -- but alas, it was a total fabrication. Maybe GWB will now list me as a terrorist state as I just Googled "Yellow Cake Uranium Niger Bomb."

We are 8 weeks from the election. I don't like Palin. She was a great pick for the Grand Old Party though. She chose not to abort her rere. Her daughter is preggo and she's not getting an abortion-- She is marrying her high school fuck buddy. I'll wager that this marriage doesn't last -- assuming it actually goes through. If the (R)'s lose the election (fingers crossed) this little harlot won't get married at all. If, god forbid, the (R)'s do keep the Executive, this marriage will fall apart once they are out of the office. I do Palin entertaining though. I am so excited to watch the Veep debates. Biden vs. Bulldog w/ Lipstick.

So, you've all heard me talking about this for months -- technically 16 months ago is when I decided this. I bought my tickets to DXB (Dubai) for my 30th Birthday Bash. I am leaving on 1/28/2009 and returning to Chicago on 2/8/2009. Got my First/Business class upgrades confirmed. Right now, I'm the only one with a confirmed ticket. EAD and JFB are still coming, they just haven't gotten their transit finalized. I'm still debating on what to do for the second half of my trip. We aren't spending the whole time in Dubai, it is too expensive, plus it might get a bit boring after a while. I have three things that are top in my mind for the last half of the trip: Male, Maldives; Kish, Iran; Sharm al Sheik, Egypt. More on that to come.

I have a presentation to give three times on Tuesday. I am remaining local for this presentation. A week from tomorrow I will be flying to New York for a Risk Symposium -- I will be focusing my attention on the Risk and Transportation Sub Group. Am looking forward to it. Not spending any personal time in New York, just in for the conference. The end of the month I will be in Connecticut for a two day business meeting then going to DC to see JDE. Then I remain local for 6 weeks. I go to LAS for 5 days (business and pleasure). Make your travel arrangements -- Luxor 11/21-23 (the dates of the pleasure portion of the trip).

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David said...

I need an obama salesman, I don't quite get it. Not that I endorse the alternative. Oy.