Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things I Dig (pt. 2)

It has been quite a while since I've done a version of "Things I Dig". Since it is fall and a crispness is in the air, I figured I'd talk about smells. Fall is full of great smells, don't you think?

In no particular order:
1) Ham and Cheese Paninis on the grill
2) Pineapple Cilantro Candles from Tommy Bahama. These make me so relaxed, I have to thank JFB for introducing these to me
3) Bi, by Dolce and Gabanna. Unfortunately, I cannot find this cologne anywhere. PLEASE, if you find it, buy me the biggest container you can find and I will pay you 2X. It comes in a zebra striped box.
4) Tomatoes simmering on the stove (with basil and garlic). A great winter scent.
5) Sushi restaurants. You know that super fresh smell of fish; partnered with the smell of fine leather upholstery.
6) The O'Hare CTA Station. This urban smell is part electric motors, poor air circulation and many people. It sounds really gross, but this smell reminds me of travel (both coming and going). I love to travel, so when I hit the CTA station this smell consumes me, I get so excited. The idea of future travel hits me -- the thought of being thousands of miles away in just a couple hours is so exhilarating.
7) Tanning beds. I don't know if it is the smell of hot plastic, or burning flesh, but tanning is so relaxing for me. I don't do it anymore though -- cancer runs in my family and we don't live that long anyway...why take a few years off my limited time anyway.
8) Lilly. It's an odd mix of bad cat food, arm & hammer litter and something I can't put my finger's a distinct smell that really reminds me of home.

And of course, the inverse. Smells, I totally don't dig, in no particular order:
1) Vanilla Fields perfume -- Wal-Mart trash, worn by fat trashy broads
2) Cigarettes (all tobacco actually)
3) Fresh ground coffee -- I hate coffee so much.
4) Bad breath. Duh, I know, but some folks I deal with daily have some of the most horrific breath around
5) That smell people have on the bus after they've been out drinking and smoking the night before. Fridays on the bus can be quite revolting. A former co-worker use to wreak like this about 4-5 days a week. She was a vile train wreck of a girl.
6) Copious amounts of second hand pot smoke. A few of my neighbors smoke like chimneys and stink up the hallways.

Thoughts? Go ahead and make fun of my choices here, ok?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here is the scenario...

This was the phrase I used 7 times today. This phrase was followed by: "...this floor is completely destroyed. All equipment and physical resources are completely wiped out. Our employees and human capital remain unaffected." I met with several functional areas at my firm today in an effort to finalize a major catastrophe recovery plan. This is my life. Imagine a total destruction of an entire floor of a major Chicago high rise. I am tasked with providing a full response for our HQ to respond in the event of a crisis. It's pretty interesting and theoretically can provide a lifeline for our entire company to remain productive enterprise following a disaster. By the end of this year our full response plan will be in tested and in place. Fingers crossed that we won't have an accident ever -- or at least until the plan is finalized.

We bought our tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld while in Las Vegas next month. Not too sure if he'll be funny, or just sad. I'm thinking that it will be more pathetic -- but it's Vegas, isn't the whole thing just a little bit pathetic? It's full of things that I hate about America: 1) Fat Americans 2) Buffets 3) Lazy people looking to get rich quick 4) Smokers 5) TED (United's low cost carrier).

It also contains things that I love: 1) Gambling 2) Booze 3) Barry Manilow 4) In & Out Burger.

One final thought. Alec Baldwin, who is not an actor I like (except in Hunt for Red October) just said something pretty clever on a Letterman preview -- "If McBush and Bible Spice win..." blah blah blah. I really like the phrase Bible Spice -- much more fitting than Caribou Barbie...much more derogatory. We have a good chance that next week at this time we'll have a new president. There is no way to be sure of course. If you are thinking about arguing with me, I tell you to shut your trap and think. There is a very good chance we'll have a president, but there is also a chance that this election could be settled like the 2000 election -- after many suits and an ultimate decision made by the Supreme Court. Let's just hope that the American public will be able to select our own president this time. What a novel concept, I know.

For everyone who reads this -- please, go vote. I know who I want you to vote for, but I'm not going to. I just want a high turn out -- I want the American people to speak. This is truly a historic time -- all of our lives will be dramatically affected by the choice we make (or choose not to make, I guess) next Tuesday. Don't waste your voice.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sushi, Snow, Laziness and Beer

I really like Agami. SO and I went there on Sunday--sat for a few hours. we sent quite a bit of time talking about life (happiness, or lack there of; contentment; and severe emotional detachment). She's looking for an NFP job or a writing job -- if you know of something in the Chicagoland area, let me know and I'll pass it on.

We didn't have any snow (at least in my part of the City) yesterday. Thank god. Other areas of the City had a bit of snow, but nothing for me. I am no where near the point where I am ready for snow to start coming. Friday should be about 60 degrees -- perfect Halloween weather. I don't have a costume this year. I'm really not in the mood for Halloween either. I use to love to dress up and go out drinkin' with friends, etc. Now I just want to...not.

Has anyone out there watched that new Flava-Flav show -- Under One Roof? I was flipping through my 19 channels today and saw it (or an ad for it). I know FF is no Kenneth Branagh, but come on. I act better than he does. He can barely read the queue cards. I was pretty sure he was clinically retarded when I saw him on that dumb VH1 Reality Show, but this new show just confirms he's as dumb as a box of hair. Don't watch it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

'ello Winter...

It is the end of October. Chicago is starting get a bit of a chill in the air. The weathermen are even saying we might have snow flurries tomorrow. Are you kidding me? I had to turn on heat this week and pulled out the humidifiers at the same time. 5 months of this only -- I guess that is the silver lining, right?

I have been in Chicago for about a month straight now. It has been nice to be home. I head out of town next month for a ton of travel. I will be going back to BDL, then LGA, LAS, PDX. Should be some fun trips, lots of work for each of them (except for LGA), but it will be good to get back out and about.

Went on a sorta-date Friday night with a guy I met while in New York in September. What a horribly boring and torturous couple of hours. The food was bland but that was tempered by the severe overcooking of everything. One thing I really can't stand when you are out to dinner with people is when the check comes and people nickel and dime the bill -- just divide the whole damn thing equally. This guy was trying to be nice and saying he owes more because he drank an extra drink and his entree was a little more. The difference was about $5...come on. Just shut the hell up and pay the bill.

Going to dinner tonight with SO at Agami. I'm a fan of this sushi place in the neighborhood -- I'm afraid that good places like this won't stay open especially in this economy -- Uptown really isn't the top neighborhood for destination eating.

On a work front, next week I am starting my work with an Executive Coach. The company is paying for a six month coaching session. I have my first meeting with my coach late next week. Am looking forward to it -- hopefully it bodes well for my career and doesn't cause any issues with my colleagues who might feel they are being looked over. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.