Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here is the scenario...

This was the phrase I used 7 times today. This phrase was followed by: "...this floor is completely destroyed. All equipment and physical resources are completely wiped out. Our employees and human capital remain unaffected." I met with several functional areas at my firm today in an effort to finalize a major catastrophe recovery plan. This is my life. Imagine a total destruction of an entire floor of a major Chicago high rise. I am tasked with providing a full response for our HQ to respond in the event of a crisis. It's pretty interesting and theoretically can provide a lifeline for our entire company to remain productive enterprise following a disaster. By the end of this year our full response plan will be in tested and in place. Fingers crossed that we won't have an accident ever -- or at least until the plan is finalized.

We bought our tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld while in Las Vegas next month. Not too sure if he'll be funny, or just sad. I'm thinking that it will be more pathetic -- but it's Vegas, isn't the whole thing just a little bit pathetic? It's full of things that I hate about America: 1) Fat Americans 2) Buffets 3) Lazy people looking to get rich quick 4) Smokers 5) TED (United's low cost carrier).

It also contains things that I love: 1) Gambling 2) Booze 3) Barry Manilow 4) In & Out Burger.

One final thought. Alec Baldwin, who is not an actor I like (except in Hunt for Red October) just said something pretty clever on a Letterman preview -- "If McBush and Bible Spice win..." blah blah blah. I really like the phrase Bible Spice -- much more fitting than Caribou Barbie...much more derogatory. We have a good chance that next week at this time we'll have a new president. There is no way to be sure of course. If you are thinking about arguing with me, I tell you to shut your trap and think. There is a very good chance we'll have a president, but there is also a chance that this election could be settled like the 2000 election -- after many suits and an ultimate decision made by the Supreme Court. Let's just hope that the American public will be able to select our own president this time. What a novel concept, I know.

For everyone who reads this -- please, go vote. I know who I want you to vote for, but I'm not going to. I just want a high turn out -- I want the American people to speak. This is truly a historic time -- all of our lives will be dramatically affected by the choice we make (or choose not to make, I guess) next Tuesday. Don't waste your voice.

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