Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Art of Negotiation

So I thought I had my deal all squared away with the Newberg cabinet maker. He kicks back on Thursday saying he realized he wasn't making enough money on my project and wanted me to find someone to help move table. After a couple of emails we both blinked. He wanted $X more to actually provide the services that we had agreed to -- I offered 50% of $X. It is still a good deal. I thought about telling him to stick it -- we had a contract in place and he couldn't change the arrangements after we entered into the contract. I was going to tell him just to forget it -- or to go fuck himself and do the service for what he had originally quoted. I figured the latter option wasn't very good because he could take the table and never come back. I don't think this guy is a scheister at all -- I just think he needed the work and leaped before he looked. The table is now in his workshop being fixed -- it should be back in 7 business days. I'm looking forward to getting it back -- and it not sucking.

I went to a CAF event on Thursday night at the Driehaus Foundation, more specifically the Nickerson Mansion. The event was nice, it is always good to see my CAF Aux Board friends. Tracking my family history is a bit problematic. It seems we have some blank spaces that no one can fill in. We came to Oregon in the 1920s (my dad's mom's side of the family -- the Henry's-- were in Oregon for a couple generations before my dad's dad's side), from Kansas -- probably during the dust bowl. Not much before that is known. The family was from Boston before that -- but we don't know when they left or when they came. So, the Nickerson Mansion has been restored with original furnishings (not period pieces, but original pieces owned by the Nickersons). The house was a bit extreme -- not really my taste, but I am a bit eclectic. In the dining room the formal table looked remarkably like the table I inherited. There were a few minor differences -- but it was about 80% there. Do you ever watch the Antiques Road Show on PBS (or that episode of Frasier)? I wonder if my refinishing this table (and the fact that previous generations of Nickerson's attempted to refinish this table before me) have destroyed tens of thousands of dollars of value? Whatever -- it's a table, it should be used and enjoyed -- it's not a 401k plan, right?

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