Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today is Election Day. Today is the third time that I have voted in a Presidential Election. It is possible today is the first time I have not been horribly disappointed in the turn out. I am not going to jinx us all though.

I am not going to Grant Park tonight to cheer on Barack Obama. The weather is absolutely fantastic here. I like the idea of being part of the massive crowd (theoretically celebrating the win) listening to Obama give his speech later tonight. The idea of 1MM people trying to get out of downtown after the rally just gives me much angst. Sometimes (many times) I just hate people.

It is now about 9pm on Election Night. I think it is quite funny that Obama has .5MM-1MM people in Grant Park to celebrate with him and McMain has an invite only party at a posh hotel in Phoenix. Doesn't this just typify the difference between these two parties -- everyone welcome versus only the elite?

Bad news for Tim -- my trip to Hartford and Manhattan has been cancelled. The class I was taking -- the class I was looking forward to for 7 months was cancelled 6 days prior. What a mess. So instead of just rebooking my airfare and spending the weekend in Manhattan with JDE I am cancelling the whole thing. She needs to study and I really shouldn't spend two grand for 3 days -- especially when I'm trying to save money for a house. These are my flights -- fingers cross nothing happens to them -- but if something does, we'll know it was a good move that my class was cancelled (11/10/2008 UAL 1114, ORD-BDL. 11/16/2008 UAL 0679, LGA-ORD).

Vegas is still in the queue -- be sure to book your tickets straight away.

I've also had a headache for the last 3 days. I hope it is just election/future stress and tomorrow it will be all gone. Fingers crossed that my head isn't going to explode momentarily.

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David said...

Wow I hope I'm wrong about him.