Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Braking News

So, I am sitting here on a flight to PDX waiting for something. We pull away from the gate, the go back, pull away, go back, pull away and finally go back. It's like the plane was humping the jet bridge. Evidently we are having problems with our brakes. Judging what happened on the way to LGA a couple months ago, I think we need brakes.

Even though I am stuck in coach, I am in econ plus and the middle seat next to me is empty. I really can't complain. I am starving though. If we leave right now I will arrive at our scheduled arrival time...not holding my breath.

I was so looking forward to arriving early and getting sushi before my cab comes. That doesn't look likely now. I asked the cab driver to come 45 minutes late, so I could eat. He said no. He said I have until 845 to be in his cab, or he leaves. Now that is customer service.

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David said...

You've made it by now?