Monday, November 10, 2008

I am pleased, but come on people...

I wouldn't say I am a socialist, but I am a tax and spend liberal. I would rather pay a huge percentage of my income in taxes as long as our nation had excellent health care, transportation, education and security. I am not afraid of "big government". I'm not 100% sold that Obama's government will be bigger and more intrusive than Bush Junior's government. I feel that W's government is just watching us (and everyone else) constantly, but not really doing anything to help us -- except keep hundreds of people captive on the tip of Cuba. The detainees in Guantanamo remind me quite a bit of the hostages taken in Tehran in November 1979, except when the Iranians took hostages the didn't leave their country -- we went to other countries to steal people from their homes.

Although there is still time, I don't think that W will bring the world to an end -- a few years ago, I was sure he would. I also don't think that Obama is the Messiah. In Chicago so many people think he will make the entire world a better place instantly. They won't even wait for January 20, they expect him to start running the country now and all sorts of policies will change, the sun will shine, the harvests will be bountiful, the skies and waterways will be clear of pollution, hunger will be gone and everyone lose those last 10 pounds they've wanted to shed for years. He is just a man people. He will will do his best based on the knowledge he has at the time. He will make some excellent choices. He will also make some bad decisions -- possibly some horribly wrong decisions. Even Bill Clinton made some decisions that still haunt us today ("Don't Ask Don't Tell", "I did not have sexual relations with that fat ugly girl from Lewis and Clark College", The Clinton Doctrine on Terrorist Retaliation -- Afghanistan, The Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan -- the failed Clinton policies directly led to the September 11th Attacks).

I shouldn't be too down on people who are so excited about Obama. It has been so long since our country had hope about the future. I've had hope in each presidential election I have voted in -- unfortunately the votes never really fell the way I had hoped.

Only time will tell. Expectations are high -- anything less than extreme excellence will be seen as failure. We shall wait and see -- no, he's not the second coming of Christ. (If he is, I will revise this blog posting before the end...just to hedge my bets).

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