Monday, November 17, 2008


Tomorrow I fly to LAS for work. I get in late night. My conference starts early on Wednesday. Tomorrow won't be anything exciting, just a quick flight and a quiet night. Unfortunately United only flies TED from ORD to LAS. No first class. No Business Class. No free cocktails. No priority bag pass. Just sitting back with the cattle.

We've got some good meals planned with a couple of vendors and a friend from BP and I (the woman who I met in Philly last year and went to Tiajuana with in May) are going to see Barry Manilow on Wednesday night. Yes, I am a fanilow. Go ahead and make fun of me -- you can go fuck yourself. :)

On Friday night JO and I are going to see Jerry Seinfeld. I wonder if he is still funny. I haven't heard much about or from him since his show went off the air in 1998. I hope his show doesn't suck. Saturday and Sunday I'll be spending some nice quality time at the spa and perhaps going to the outlet malls. I'm quite confident I will be spending some time at the pool too.

I am looking forward to a relaxing week/weekend away from everything.

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David said...

How was Jerry? I liked the Comedian (documentary about his new show a few years ago).

In N Out?