Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And so it begins.

I am in a cab on montrose working my way west to the blue line to the airport. Traffic is fine, roads are clear. Evidently the weather on the other end is the problematic piece. I am not actually concerned about the trip.

I am more concerned about Lilly. BAD is going to watch her, but decided not to get her until saturday because of the bad weather today. Lilly can stay at home by herself for more than 4 days without any real issues. It just concerns me that something might come up and she will stay a few extra days alone. That makes me sad. If Lilly should die I will have a nervous breakdown but will throw a large memorial service for her. Black tie probably.

There is a store on my right now, called the "Crafty Beaver" -- what a great name for a lesbian bar, eh?

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