Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Long Commute

So I am queued up to fly to Portland tomorrow. Both Chicago and Portland are experiencing severe weather. Flights between ORD and PDX are delayed several hours. I have to take cabs from PDX to my parents house now - parents can't come get me. I scheduled a cab today, or should I say, I tried to. They said that because of the weather they aren't doing shuttles (cheaper than straight metered cabs) OR meter service into the valley. If the weather report holds and I make it to PDX, I am going to be stuck at the airport all night. Lovely.

I can however get a shuttle to Eugene's airport. A shit load of good that will do me. Who am I kidding, my flight isn't leaving Chicago tomorrow, is it? I will be mobile blogging from a bar at ORD, drunk as a fag at the parade.

Have I said it before? I hate winter. The novelty of wearing sweaters and layers has totally worn off on me. I want to move to Miami or
Los Angeles or San Diego - screw the possibilities of: hurricanes, earthquakes and Mexicans (respectively).

Maybe I will move to Dubai. Except for the fact that my "choice in lifestyle" will get me killed.

Winter kills me.

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