Friday, January 30, 2009


I fly first class much more than I should. I have great travel partners who take care of me in such fantastic ways. I have only flown domestic first, never any real international first class. I flew first to Toronto, but that sure as shit doesn't count!

I am in business class on an internationally configured 777. The business class seats are amazing! They put domestic first class to shame. The seats don't lie flat, but I can stretch my legs out fully in front of me and not touch the seat ahead of me. One major concern I do have, is that I have been sitting on the flight for 8 minutes now and I have no cocktail. I heard a guy in first class ask for a glass of wine and the stu said no booze until we are airborne. Pardon my language, but that shit is fucked up. Negative thing #2: I still have my jacket on my lap. The stu hasn't come to hang it up for me. Negative thing #3 all the stus are road hard put away wet mid career broads. Where are the bois who like to serve booze?

I think that old Delta slogan "We love to fly and it shows" should be my slogan. But I would have to change it to something like "I love to fly, so please don't fuck it up for me."


So I have been getting many emails and calls about DXB. It seems that I didn't update the group on my birthday travel plans. DXB is on hold. Probably until the end of this year or early next year. Instead, I am going to DEN and PSP. I am en route to ORD now. I will be in DEN tonight for drinks and what not. Tomorrow we (EAD and JFB) will be flying out to spend 4ish days in sunny and warm PSP. I have disconnected my blackberry from the office server, so no work for me until I fly back on Wednesday afternoon.

Right now, is one of the best parts of vacation. Anticipation couldn't be higher. The whole world of vacation possibilities is at our feet. My main goal for this weekend is to just relax, decompress, be away, and just be. About 18 months ago the three of us went to Miami and I had an absolutely perfect time. If this trip is half as relaxing I will be in heaven.

My flight out is on a 3 class 777, which isn't something you normally see on domestic United travel. I guess United needed to reposition the planes for tomorrow. So I am in business class on a plane designed for international travel. Tomorrow we travel on United eXPlus planes, which are regional jets (CRJ) with a first class option. All of us are upgraded tomorrow. Flights are short, but we will fully enjoy the better accommodations.

Will take time to write this weekend. It allows me to decompress. Stay tuned...and my usual comment : barring metal fatigue or pilot error I will be in DEN at 815 local time.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Part of my coaching program, I am working to define several things for myself -- and I'd like to know what your personal definitions of these terms are. The first term I'm working on is Success. What does success mean to you?

Does it mean you have: a spouse? children? a good job? a new car? a home? a second home? a big bank account? a big retirement?

Does it mean you are: active in a church? active in a charity? a good parent? a good child? a mentor? a good boss? a good employee?

Does it mean you want: to help others? to be needed? to teach?

When you look at others who you consider a success -- what do they do? What do they have? What makes them a success?

Send me an email, if you want, instead of posting a comment...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm a "grumpy gus, prick"

So every morning this week between 7:35 am and 8:00am and again between 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm I received a call from "P T INDUST INC -- 303.420.0620." I haven't been home whenever these folks called and they left no message. I called them back and this number is associated with "Friendly Towers Retirement Community". I have a few friends in Denver, but none of which live at the FTRC (fyi: 303 is a Denver area code).

This morning at 7:35 am these folks called again. This time I picked up the phone (mind you, I was sleeping when they called). After a slight delay and me saying "hello" 3 times, the old man -- you could tell he was old just by the way he talked -- He told me he was making a courtesy call from Men's Journal magazine and wanted to know if I had been receiving my subscription. I told him I hadn't received it in a month or two (which may have been a lie, I don't know when I get my magazines). His response - "Did your subscription expire". Of course it is 7:37am at this point and I am tired. I in turn, ask him "If you are really calling as a courtesy from MJ Magazine, shouldn't you know if my subscription expired". Of course, he starts to stutter. He then says "God dammit. Since you are a grumpy gus prick, I won't offer you this special reduced rate on a renewal. Have a good god damn day...prick".

I was shocked. I couldn't even respond. Gramps hung up on me. I immediately call back and get the standard main office recording for FTRC again. I found a copy of my MJ magazine -- my subscription ends in August of 2012 -- why would I want to extend this subscription any more? Was he some sort of identity thief, or some crippled mean veteran making his $2/hour, or worse yet, was he some criminal "earning" his keep in the state prison system? In any event, don't fucking call me at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.

Of course this begs the question -- why do I even have a home phone?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Los Angeles

I love the flights to LA. It always seems more glamorous than the flights to Hartford (BDL), Seattle (SEA), or Cincinnati (CVG). I never notice an celebrity. I also doubt I would ever recognize a celeb unless someone told me who they were.

My travel companion didn't get his upgrade, so he is in the back. We are on a nice 767. I have lots of work to do on this flight....but I am sure I will have time for a nice glass of wine or two.

Plans for tonight: going to the Lakers/Cavs game, then dinner. Meetings tomorrow start at 730am PST. Ugh.

I never sit next to anyone attractive. Of course there is a gorgeous passenger on the other side of the plane... Can't chat him up as this is a wide body plane and talking over 3 people would be too awkward...

Ok, door closing. Blog again in LA!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, everyone who reads this knows I love to travel. The whole experience truly excites me. Tonight was an opening exhibit at the CAF (Chicago Architecture Foundation) about O'Hare. It had about 12 photos of ORD (FYI O'hare's code is ORD because it was initially called Orchard Field). ORD is one of my favorite airports in the US. I love National, LaGuardia, and Portland almost as much as I love ORD. Most people hate ORD, from what I gather. I seems like a second home to me. When I land there I know I am where I belong. I know everything is alright. The smell instantly reminds me of safety.

The CAF did a nice job at the opening. The wine was served on a moving wheeled tray, which reminded people of the old days of free booze served by a stu (stuartess or flight attendant for the PC crowd).

It was an interestingly timed exhibit too. First off the exhibit was very small, very limited, but I liked it. Today a US Air plane crashed into the Hudson River. The plane remained intact and everyone survived, which is totally amazing for a water landing.

I spent much time talking to a Stu from United who does the ORD-CDG trek weekly. So fascinating. He has worked for UAL for 30+ years and he totally loves it. Truly had passion for his job. He fills in on other flights so he gets his max flight hours, but never on the same flight regularly. He was so informative. I think I would like the job of a stu, if I could drink heavily while working, go where I wanted to, when I wanted to, and not deal with passengers... Oh yeah, and make some good cash while doing it.

Fucking Cripples

Sometimes I fucking hate cripples. It is currently -31 Degrees with the wind chill. Diesel freezes at -40 degrees. I just left a reception (which I will comment on in a minute) and was waiting for the bus. Why didn't I take a cab, you ask? Because I am saving all of my money to buy a condo for me and my family (Lilly, mom and dad) in a few weeks. Every $20 counts. I am waiting on State and Adams for an express bus that will get me home in a relatively quick time. I could take the train, but then I have to walk at least .5 miles, and when it is -31 that is a very long way.

So I get to the bus stop and what do I find? MY bus. Yes! The bus the I was looking for to take me home in a relatively quick manner. It pulls up, and what do I see, a man, well 2/3 of a man at the bus stop. He didn't have any legs. I say he is 2/3 of a man instead of half a man because he is so fat it makes up for it. Oh, and even though he has those fake legs, like Holly Duckworth has (google it), he is in a wheel chair. So not only is he taking a chair but two legs from someone!

So the bus driver lowers the ramp for this guy. He struggles to get his chair onto the bus. Meanwhile I am freezing my cunt off. Granted he could have been sitting out there longer than I had been, but that doesn't matter to me. He gets on the bus, and his wheel chair Ian weighed down so much it kicks up the ramp, impeding our entry to the bus. Then this fat fuck spends 4 minutes trying to find money or a bus pass that will allow him to ride the bus. He won't move his chair to allow us on. When the bus driver tells him he can't ride without paying, he pulls the race card. Mind you, the driver and the cripple are both fat and black. The driver finally tells the crip to get on the bus.

At this point I am frozen. This fat para then spends another 3 minutes (I timed it!) getting his chair situated. I know this might not seem like a long time, but it is. Go put your whole body in the freezer for 8 minutes. Don't forget to turn your freezer down to at least 40 degrees colder than it is already set.

I fucking hate cripples some times...