Friday, January 30, 2009


So I have been getting many emails and calls about DXB. It seems that I didn't update the group on my birthday travel plans. DXB is on hold. Probably until the end of this year or early next year. Instead, I am going to DEN and PSP. I am en route to ORD now. I will be in DEN tonight for drinks and what not. Tomorrow we (EAD and JFB) will be flying out to spend 4ish days in sunny and warm PSP. I have disconnected my blackberry from the office server, so no work for me until I fly back on Wednesday afternoon.

Right now, is one of the best parts of vacation. Anticipation couldn't be higher. The whole world of vacation possibilities is at our feet. My main goal for this weekend is to just relax, decompress, be away, and just be. About 18 months ago the three of us went to Miami and I had an absolutely perfect time. If this trip is half as relaxing I will be in heaven.

My flight out is on a 3 class 777, which isn't something you normally see on domestic United travel. I guess United needed to reposition the planes for tomorrow. So I am in business class on a plane designed for international travel. Tomorrow we travel on United eXPlus planes, which are regional jets (CRJ) with a first class option. All of us are upgraded tomorrow. Flights are short, but we will fully enjoy the better accommodations.

Will take time to write this weekend. It allows me to decompress. Stay tuned...and my usual comment : barring metal fatigue or pilot error I will be in DEN at 815 local time.

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