Friday, January 30, 2009


I fly first class much more than I should. I have great travel partners who take care of me in such fantastic ways. I have only flown domestic first, never any real international first class. I flew first to Toronto, but that sure as shit doesn't count!

I am in business class on an internationally configured 777. The business class seats are amazing! They put domestic first class to shame. The seats don't lie flat, but I can stretch my legs out fully in front of me and not touch the seat ahead of me. One major concern I do have, is that I have been sitting on the flight for 8 minutes now and I have no cocktail. I heard a guy in first class ask for a glass of wine and the stu said no booze until we are airborne. Pardon my language, but that shit is fucked up. Negative thing #2: I still have my jacket on my lap. The stu hasn't come to hang it up for me. Negative thing #3 all the stus are road hard put away wet mid career broads. Where are the bois who like to serve booze?

I think that old Delta slogan "We love to fly and it shows" should be my slogan. But I would have to change it to something like "I love to fly, so please don't fuck it up for me."

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